What Is the Process for Marrying a Non-U S Citizen?

However, those who have a Brazilian spouse qualify to apply for a second citizenship after just one year of uninterrupted residence in the country. If you have any questions, it’s best to get in touch with an experienced immigration attorney before filing Form I-130. When it comes to deciding whether a marriage is bona fide, the U.S. government is pretty strict.

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  • You will need to understand the current U.S. immigration laws that can help you obtain a green card for your partner.
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At this point, the immigrant spouse will be scheduled for an interview at the U.S. consular offices. At the interview, a consular official will discuss the contents of your application with you, and verify that you’re not inadmissible for any reason. The official will also ask you questions about your marriage to make sure it is a genuine marriage, and not fraudulent in any way. It is not your choice to marry, but your reason for marrying that causes the problem. When you involve the federal government by requesting a benefit based on the marriage, then your marriage, itself, becomes the business of government.

But they may be granted U.S. citizenship if they follow the legal processes. The immigrant might be refused entry if they are inadmissible. This could be due to criminal history, immigration violation records, marriage fraud, and underlying medical problems. This occurs when a foreigner pays a permanent resident or a U.S. citizen to marry them. Citizen doesn’t follow the legal process, the marriage is fraudulent, and the foreigner is not eligible for a green card.

Marriage to a U.S. Citizen

You will have to take an interview and citizenship test to complete the process. It is also worth noting that the marriage green card timeline depends on circumstances like whether you are a green card holder or a U.S citizen and your current location. If you encounter difficulties with the visa and immigration process, consider seeking legal support.

In addition,American embassies and consulates abroadfrequently have information about marriage in the country in which they are located. With that in mind, below is a list of common destination wedding legal requirements that you Dating Estonian women may encounter in other countries. Visa requirements and fees may vary so it is important that you choose the option that works best for your circumstances and needs. Either way, your fiancé will be required to pass background and health checks, fill out some forms and gather supporting documents, and attend a visa interview. Although many newlyweds do not have to complete bureaucratic processes when returning to the United States with their authenticated foreign marriage license, others have to jump through a few more loops. This is especially true for same-sex couples and foreign citizens who married a US national abroad. As explained above, the documents needed to get https://www.adasystem.com/dating-41/guatemalan-women/ married abroad depend on local regulations.

How To Protect Yourself When Marrying A Foreigner

They are able to start the immigration process as soon they’re married, by filing USCIS Form I-130, but that typically only puts the foreign-born spouse on a waiting list. Years could then go by , during which the foreign-born spouse will be accruing “unlawful presence” in the United States and could be picked up and deported at any time. Yes, the immigration law of 1996 outlines financial requirements for U.S. citizens who marry non-U.S. The U.S. citizen will need to fill out a Form I-864 Affidavit of Support, which proves the ability to support the immigrant at a level above the U.S.

Maybe you can conclude that you can start this process independently, but going there without the attorney you might risk it will take lots of time or even end up as a failure. In addition, you must marry within 90 days of entering the United States, or your spouse will need to leave the country. Attend a green card interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate. Here, we will go through specifics such as the current place of living, so before continuing to read this article, you may want to check your eligibility and learn more about a marriage-based green card. Nelly is our experienced writer who clearly understands how international dating works. She has been using international dating apps for more than 3 years, and she has dating profiles on all the most popular services that exist in 2023. Nelly understands how to analyze information, how to test the websites, and how to find out what an average user of a dating website wants.

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