How to Pay for Addiction Treatment Partnership to End Addiction

Families want to know what they can do to help their loved ones, but few understand how to help an addict without enabling them. There’s a fine line between supporting their attempts to stop and keeping them sick. You can pay for drug rehab in several ways, including using health insurance, paying on your own, or utilizing grants and government assistance programs. This is a structured conversation where you express your concerns and offer your support.

As a result, they may experience uncomfortable physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, like vomiting or extreme confusion. More than 20 million Americans struggle with at least one addiction to drugs or alcohol. However, only 10% of those people received some form of treatment. That means there are millions of other people who could benefit from somebody close to them offering addiction treatment. One common characteristic among people struggling with addiction is that they don’t think or act rationally.

How to Get a Loved One Into Treatment

The treatment team is comprised of a judge, attorneys, case managers, healthcare providers, and therapists. These professionals all work with the offender to ensure an effective treatment plan, and also to make sure the offender is complying with the court order. Medical detoxification (detox) is the first step of recovery when a person decides to stop drinking alcohol or taking drugs. During detox, a person with an SUD adjusts to not having the addictive effects of drugs or alcohol in their system.

His parents also noticed a change in him, and his dad even asked me if he was doing drugs to which I denied (this was prior to me seeing him with drugs at home). Even after I saw the drugs at home and I knew in my gut something was not right I didn’t tell his parents. Until one day he used our daughter in a lie and that made me snap.

Provide Love and Support

Generally, you can expect to pay between $3,000 and $10,000 to receive a month of inpatient treatment without insurance. For many people, the single-biggest barrier to entering treatment is the cost. Often, sober house the stress of how to pay for treatment can feel just as burdensome as the challenge of living with an addiction. But if the court-ordered rehab program is successfully completed, charges are dropped.

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