10 ways to bridge cultural diversity

These simple tips can create a more positive and productive cultural exchange. When interacting with people from different cultures, it’s essential to be aware of cultural norms and customs. Additionally, it’s helpful to pay attention to the individual’s social context. When encountering cultural differences, clarify any misunderstandings or awkwardness by asking for clarification. Respecting the customs and traditions of the people you’re visiting is important. This can mean following their lead when it comes to behavior and dress. It also means you should try to learn about their culture and history.

  • Recognize that people adapt to various cultures at their pace, depending on their learning styles, past multicultural experiences, and other experiences.
  • In some cultures, agreeing on most, if not all, issues is sufficient.
  • With respectfulness and understanding for cultural nuances, asking for clarification should not be hard.
  • Finally, we can work towards closing the gender gap by promoting feminism and women’s rights.

Here, discourse refers to the discussion about those conventions and practices and the communications that occur within that context. These practices also interact with the location, which in Grabill’s view refers to both the physical and the situational contexts in which practices and communication occur. This should sound familiar to any practitioner who has studied audience analysis, or who has even pondered how the physical and situational contexts affect the design of our communication. This article will examine the process of communication in terms of need, opportunity and means. It will also examine the potential benefits of improved communication between health care professionals and community members in terms of what health care professionals might learn from the community.

Changing conversations to change the culture.

When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. Today, it’s just as easy to talk to a colleague in China as it is to talk to a colleague who just left the office for lunch. However, that doesn’t mean that your interactions with the Chinese colleague should be the same as with your American colleague.

Nonverbal Communication And Intercultural Communication

In short, students are forced to focus on satisfying their immediate needs rather than thinking more deeply about the situation and whether and how it should be changed. I’m not sure that this is a revelation to practitioners—we are keenly aware of how unreasonable workloads and deadlines can lead to a rigid and narrow focus on simply getting the writing done, no matter how poorly. But it’s an important reminder to us that even https://blumarevents.com/husband-of-ex-japanese-princess-passes-new-york-bar-exam/ under deadline pressure, we should never forget the needs of our audience.

A famous example of attempting to display respect to a certain culture was greeted with much disdain. Japanese culture is steeped in tradition and individuals are viewed with regard to a perceived hierarchy. Never in world history had an American leader bowed before one who is viewed to be “lower” on the hierarchical ladder. This simple gesture, which Obama likely perceived as an attempt to show respect, was not well-received on either side of the pond, and could have been circumvented with a little research into Japanese culture and American political ties to Japan.

Through my time with this organization, I have learned and witnessed how standing in solidarity and entering a cross-cultural context as a partner, you can serve well Puerto Rican female features and be served simultaneously. First, by coming from a different context, I have realized that we have knowledge on methods and theories that are different to another context that can serve to their benefit, just like they might have for our context as well.

Recognize Individual Differences.

So we have or growing up, we had way more perspective and influence just cultural, American cultural influence. Like you were surrounded by other Filipinos in the Philippines who are all the same way. But then I go; I grew up going to like an American school with all of these different cultures and different kids with different backgrounds. God will provide you all the things that you need and you will also be successful in, in later part of your life. This preview is partially blurred.Sign upto view the complete essay. Full text search our database of 176,600 titles for Cultural Gap to find related research papers. In both China and Japan, the education system normally usually uses exams to show a student’s ability.

However, regardless of culture, a good team has engaged members that strive for excellence. Bridging the Gap introduces us to young Kpadehee, a Muslim from Liberia setting off on the exciting yet overwhelming journey https://cheapseotools.net/100-years-of-womens-suffrage-in-germany-in-custodia-legis-law-librarians-of-congress/ to the United States. This book takes us through his journey – a similar journey taken by many – and the common division between African-Americans and Africans from Africa, and also the division between Christians and Muslims.